Healthy Outlook MAR 2017 Lemon Limade Margarita + Probiotics



3 oz Tequila

1 oz Cointreau

4 oz GoodBelly Lemon Limeade Probiotic Drink


Fresh cut limes


In a larger mason jar (or bar shaker) add the tequila, Cointreau and GoodBelly Lemon Limeade. Add a few ice cubes to the jar. Place the lid on and mix vigorously for about 30 seconds.  Add a few ice cubes to your glasses and pour in the Margarita.  Add a fresh lime wedge and serve with a smile!

Serving size:

8 oz

60 calories

0 g fat

15 g carbohydrates

0 mg cholesterol

10 mg sodium

150 mg Potassium

6% RDA calcium

100% RDA Vitamin C

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