Healthy Outlook – OCTOBER – Guacamole





Spices to taste (I use cumin, cayenne, garlic   powder, and onion powder)

Cilantro (optional)

Lime juice (a must)

Roma tomatoes (seeded)



Guacamole is incredibly simple and can be adjusted to your taste.

Peel and remove the pit of as many avocados as you would like to use.

I add spices and taste often. I ALWAYS squeeze fresh lime juice and adjust that to taste as well. I like cilantro so I mince that and fold in. If you use tomatoes to make sure you seed them, dice them and fold them in at the end so they are not mashed with the meat of the avocados.


I taste this dish a lot while making it 😉


Serving size:

One Avocado has

58.3 mg magnesium

which accounts for 15% of RDA

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