Old Town Market More Expensive?

I have heard it said that Old Town Market is more expensive than City Market.  But, if you shop at Old Town Market on a regular basis, you start to see that there are items that are not as expensive.  Like the green leaf lettuce that was priced at City Market for $2.49 and at Old Town Market the same lettuce cost $1.39.

Check out the raw cheeses.   I bought some recently and was amazed at the wonderful flavor.

There are other items, such as the dry cereals that are comparably priced and the lunch specials in the deli are delicious.  Have you tried the other deli?

To those that think that Old Town Market is more expensive, you need to stop by and see what we have to offer. We have weekly specials and for our Loyalty Members, we have even greater savings.

Besides the price, the food is nutritious and delicious.  You will find that changing to organic items is very easy to do.  Come in and speak to one of our staff to answer any questions that you may have.


  1. rena says:

    Very excited about the store opening! Read about it in the Sun several months ago. You will see me soon, coming to Pagosa in June. I belong to the CO-OP in Davis and plan to join the Durango CO-OP. But I will be living in Loma Linda so you’ll be seeing me frequently.

    My husband works at Durst Organic, we will miss the free produce, I know you will help us transition.

    Rena and Mike

  2. Justice says:

    Can’t wait to see you at the store! We are actually in the process of starting a CO-OP and should have this running in the next couple of weeks. All of our loyalty members will be able to order in bulk and receive a 20% discount.
    Signing up is extremely easy and all the information will be there when you visit in June. Make sure to introduce yourself to our wonderful manager named Flynn.

    Have a great day,
    Old Town Natural Market and Deli

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