Natural Beef – From East Pines Ranch

Old Town Natural Beef

Our Own Local Natural Beef

From East Pines Ranch in Dove Creek, Colorado

Al Heaton

We buy our own cows at Old Town Natural Market and Deli. We searched the Four Corners Area to find the best beef for our customers. We think you will agree that East Pines Ranch, located in Dove Creek, CO, has “melt in your mouth” quality beef. Best of all, the beef is all-natural grass fed/organic grain finished with no hormones or antibiotics.

Al Heaton and his wife Von are fourth generation Colorado ranchers. Their ranch (East Pines Ranch) is comprised of over 20,000 acres of range that crosses several climatic zones, with elevation ranging from 4,000 feet in the winter areas, to over 9,000 feet in the summer pastures. Their summer headquarters is located east of Dove Creek, Colorado. The Heaton family has deep roots in the west and in the traditions of raising healthy cattle in partnership with nature, respect for the land, and ecology.

Old Town Market is proud to carry East Pines Ranch beef. Try it and see if you agree!

Herding Cows

Herding with one horse





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