Now the Aztecs ate pond scum?                            Yes, pond scum; the green stuff you see floating on lakes. It’s actually amazingly good for you! It’s called Spirulina. It has a long history of helping to sustain the food chain as it provides the fundamental nutrients for all life. Not only was it found in Mexico originally, but in Lake Chad in central Africa as well. Spirulina thrives in warm... Read More


There it is, that gelatinous slimy substance everyone keeps talking about. “It’s good for you” they tell me, and I see something that reminds me of boogers. In its dry form, I see bird seed ingredients. “Why did our ancestors eat birdseed” I wonder? As a child I saw it on commercials with a catchy little jingle and I thought it was funny. Today it is sweeping through the health community like a wild fire. It is an amazing... Read More

Thank you for a huge success!!

Thank you for making our 1 year anniversary a HUGE success!!   We had our best day on Saturday and our best week since we opened 1 year ago!   Did You Know? If 1000 people spend $25 a week at Old Town Natural Market and Deli, we could donate $7,500 – $10,000 a month to charity!   More Great News: We over ordered on a few products for Saturday and our mistake is your gain! We are extending some of our 1 year anniversary specials.... Read More

Why Eat Grass-Fed Beef?

You Haven’t Tasted Beef Until You’ve Tasted Grass-Fed. When You Do, You’ll Be Hooked For Life. Today more than ever, the source of your food matters. Gone are the days when you could trust your neighborhood butcher or grocer to provide your family with wholesome, fresh food free from unnatural – and dangerous – hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides. Sadly, Big Agriculture and mega-food corporations have largely... Read More

Old Town Market More Expensive?

I have heard it said that Old Town Market is more expensive than City Market.  But, if you shop at Old Town Market on a regular basis, you start to see that there are items that are not as expensive.  Like the green leaf lettuce that was priced at City Market for $2.49 and at Old Town Market the same lettuce cost $1.39. Check out the raw cheeses.   I bought some recently and was amazed at the wonderful flavor. There are other items, such as the... Read More

Recycling Policy

Old Town Market believes in recycling.  Our policy is: “Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-pair and Re-spect” We have recycling bins at the cash register for glass, plastic (#1 & #2), aluminium cans, and a collection bin for used grocery bags. We make every effort to recycle packing peanuts, paper and cardboard, egg boxes, and food containers.  We offer empty boxes, re-usable cloth and compostable grocery bags for customers’ purchases.  We... Read More