CBT – Find Training Options to Suit Your Needs

Whether you just want to improve your own skills or you are looking to update a team of people all at once, then computer based training could help you retrain or stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and information. CBT or computer based training helps people in all walks of life train for new qualifications and update their skills.

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When looking into computer based training options there are several avenues you could explore. A single user might just want a simple CD-ROM or DVD course with a Single User Licence. To train more than one person, on the other hand, or have the training course available repeatedly from a public computer, there are other options available using DVD, CD-ROM or online CBT Web Scraper.

There are two types of Multi-User Licence available: a Site Licence or a Networkable Licence.

A Site Licence means that you can add the CBT to your media library and it can be accessed from one site by multiple users. If you are not intending to have a set training program but would like the course to be available to people as and when they like, this would be the option for you. Only one user may access the course at a time, though, and it cannot be linked up to a LAN (local area network). Although some options that are available with the single-user licence would not be available with this one, the training would still be to the same high standard.

If you would prefer to train several people at once, a Networkable Licence would be a better choice for your needs. This option means that the course can be used by several people across an LAN, a perfect idea if you want to train many people at the same time with the least hassle.

Another possibility, eliminating the issues of DVDs and CD-ROMs, which can get lost or broken, is to access the CBT courses online; in many cases this is also cheaper than buying a DVD training course. Online courses can be accessed twenty-four hours a day, so there are no time limitations and there are still Multi-User Licences available for this type of CBT.

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