The Benefits Of Using Glass Clear Tarps

Unlike polyester mesh tarps, these tarps enable you to see through them without that cumbersome mesh. This is why the words glass clear are used, as these tarps do not even come close to being compared to polyester mesh tarps. 

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Made from 0.28mm thick PVC, glass clear tarps are setting the exhibition world on fire! From county fairs to antique expositions, people are finding new uses for the glass clear tarps that enable people to see through them, in almost glass clear quality, even when it rains or snows. Unlike other tarps, you will not lose business when protecting your goods outdoors should there be a shower or snowfall! 

If ever you’ve tried to sell something through a garage sale and been suddenly inundated by a quick shower, you’ll be more than aware of seeing your goods ruined and marked by the shower, and if you were smart enough to cover them with dark tarp, you probably lost sales from people who ventured out with umbrellas to look at your sale, only to leave disgruntled because they could not assess everything you had because of the dark tarp Tarpaulin

Savvy garage sale vendors are now using glass clear tarps instead and in fact are setting them up so that they are held up as canopies over the goods, allowing people to walk under them to survey the sale items. Many are surprised to hear that glass clear tarps are treated so that light comes through them enabling everyone to see clearly, but they are also UV treated on both sides! This tarp makes your items even clearer because the UV rays are stopped from coming through. The tarps feature rust free grommets approximately every 36″ to enable you to set it up as a canopy. 

The glass clear properties of this kind of tarp enables them to be used as sides to party canopies as well, so that people do not have the sense of being trapped should a shower arise. If need be, their view of other canopies and their contents will not be hampered either. 

Some users report making rain shelters for their kennels, allowing the dog to be sheltered from the rain or snow, yet enabling the dog to see through the shelter. Being able to see through such a tarp makes it easier for the dog to acclimate itself to the shelter, whereas tarps that are not clear seem to hinder an inquisitive dog from using them. 

If you are a seller at a flea market, these are indispensable for you. Used as sides to other protective canopies enables you to be able to see through them to keep an eye on your merchandise, even if you have a number of different canopies. Or used simply as a cover, those walking by can still see your merchandise. 

Often used in agricultural farms, the clear tarps enable you to protect your growing plants from the ravages of hard rains, hail and snow, yet enables the plants to have all the sunlight they need in order to grow. Whether you have a farm or just a temporary greenhouse, you will find these glass clear tarps are just what you need. 

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