Gmail PPC Ads – How to Get Inside the Heads of Your Customers For More Sales With Gmail AdWords

Everyone is familiar with Google AdWords by now, and many fortunes have been made by correctly implementing a smart, low-risk, high-return Google AdWords campaign. However, over the last several years, the cost of an average click has increased dramatically as everyone from big corporates to small entrepreneurs has caught on to the power of AdWords. Unfortunately, in many niche markets, good keywords now cost $0.50-$1.00, which prices many small business owners out of the market. But, there is a new market for online advertising now available from Google, and because this is a new business model for Google, the average click is much less expensive than regular Google web search ads. I am talking about Gmail Advertising.

Gmail advertising is essentially buying PPC ads just like regular AdWords ads, but they only show up inside people’s Gmail accounts. The ads look just like regular AdWords ads that show up on the right hand side of a Google search results page, except they show up on the right hand side of a user’s Gmail account สมัคร gmail. The reason this type of advertising is lower risk and higher reward than regular AdWords is that it is lower cost per click and also more targeted and relevant advertising.

Gmail ads are particularly targeted compared to web search ads because people search the internet for all sorts of things, but they only email their friends and colleagues about things that are particularly important to them at that time. Google allows you to legally tap into the phrases in people’s gmail emails and then show ads when certain keywords or phrases show up in their emails. For example, if someone types to their friend “I need to set up a new blog for my business” to a friend, your ad for an eBook about how to set up blogs will show up in that instant in their Gmail account! This is incredibly powerful because you are essentially getting inside the heads of your customers and offering them exactly what is relevant to them exactly when it is relevant. And, since this is a relatively new concept, the market is not flooded and the cost per click of gmail ads is not nearly as high as regular Google AdWords.

So, if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur that is looking for a way to find relevant traffic through a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign but you’ve been priced out of the regular Google AdWords market, definitely look into this new strategy. I would recommend running an inexpensive test (a few dollars a day) and testing it out to see what works for you, before you commit to spending more money. That way, you’ll maximize your overall return on investment by figuring out beforehand what works and what doesn’t work for your niche.

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