So You Want to Know What QR Codes Are?

It’s amazing but it was only months ago that these QR Codes seemed to pop up everywhere here in America. I was doing research on local search and mobile marketing when I was first introduced to them. I hadn’t realized the potential these little squares of squares would have at that point in time. You’ve probably seen these codes but didn’t know what they were. They look like a box full of small squares, some filled in and some not.

QR Codes are easily created online by anyone with a computer and can be printed onto any sales literature or packaging of any product. You can use them online too สร้าง qr code. You can put them in the front door to your business to provide information to anyone who arrives when you are not open. QR Codes can be scanned by all of the new smart phones by simply installing a free app (application). When scanned you are presented with more information.

There have been some other bar code type items come through recently as well, but it seems that the QR Code is the one that is going to endure. But what are these things anyway? I heard you ask that. You are not the first. The letters QR stand for “Quick Response”. Why this is important is obvious once you have used one, but maybe not until then. Up till now you had to actually go online and search for information about a product. A QR Code can eliminate that search! A QR Code can bring all the information you need right to you, no matter where you are.

Here is a basic scenario of a QR Code from creation to utilization. A company creates a product. It can be anything from a new laptop, automobile battery, granola bar… you name it. They create packaging for it and include one of these codes on that packaging. They release their product and it shows up on store shelves all across the world. Now you come along and see the product. You happen to notice the QR Code and whip out your cell phone, scan the QR Code and are then presented with all the pertinent information about the product.

Here is how I first used a QR Code myself. We were shopping at a local electronics store for a new laptop for my daughter. We found the one within our price range but the sticker on the shelf really didn’t have a lot of information about the product. I wanted to know how much memory it had, the size of the drive and more. There was a QR Code on the shelf label that the store had created. I scanned it with my phone and was provided with all sorts of information about the product. I found out, in detail, all the specifications for this laptop and of course all the information that I wanted to know. It was everything that I needed to make a purchase decision. We bought it.

In some ways a QR Code can be seen to be nothing more than a URL shortener. You know those URLs like “tiny.url” that when clicked on send you to another site where the URL needed to get there is really long. URL shorteners make it easier to link to something in some memorable way. But that is not what QR Codes are really all about. That QR Code can be made to be a link to just about anything. You can provide the information on a mobile web page that will display well on a mobile device. The destination doesn’t have to be a web page. A Pizza Restaurant could post a code on their door that if scanned would provide a coupon for a free pizza. The code can be created for just about any purpose.

QR Codes are easy to make. There are many sites online where you can input your destination URL and have a code instantly created for you. Do a search for “qr code generator”.

On the technical side, the code can store thousands of numbers which makes them very diverse. But it is not only this, a code can store dates that can be applied to a calendar. It could send an email. It could include your telephone number, other contact information, SMS (text) messages, a video and a lot more. You could even have someone subscribe to a newsletter by scanning with their cell phone.

There are already creative people utilizing these codes in new ways. How about putting one on your business card to provide everything that is important about you? This could be a good way to have your latest and updated information on your card without having to reprint cards!

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