Prostate Problems – The Diseases

Diseases of the prostate belong to one of the most common diseases of men. According to statistics from chronic prostatitis affects about 40% of working-age men, prostate adenoma are suffering more than half of men over 60 years, but prostate cancer is one of the most common malignancy in men. It is promoted by sedentary lifestyle, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, environmental degradation, increasing the number of older and older.

Pain in the lower abdomen and perineum, urination disorders, and sexual function – such complaints are so common among older men and older people, that we often take them for the natural aging process. However, these commonplace symptoms hiding the three most common prostate diseases: chronic prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. According to various sources from 40 to 70% of men of working age suffer from chronic prostatitis. If among persons aged 50 years, the incidence of benign prostatic hyperplasia of 50%, then 80-year-old man she met in 90%. According to the most authoritative to date handbook for practitioners Clinical recommendations based on evidence-based medicine, 30% of persons over 50 years autopsy prostate protocol reviews 2021 are asymptomatic prostate cancer, prostate cancer, which puts in first place among malignant tumors in men.

Despite the similarity of symptoms, these diseases of the prostate gland have different causes, different prognosis for the quality and longevity and, most importantly, differ in approaches to treatment. For example, effective in chronic prostatitis prostate massage may aggravate the situation of the patient with hyperplasia and be fatal in patients with cancer of the prostate, the use of alpha-blockers in patients with cancer of the prostate leads to improved well-being against the backdrop of the dramatic development of the disease. Current therapies can achieve optimum effect in each case of disease of the prostate. The main problem is late diagnosis and, consequently, in a delay in the start of treatment. It should be noted the negative impact of the media. Constant stream of advertising that promises to cure all diseases of the prostate gland, leads to the fact that men suffer from some symptoms begin to engage in self-medicate. Most often, this treatment is unnecessarily expensive, ineffective and leads to the progression of the underlying of the Prostate Problems.

The high prevalence of diseases of the prostate requires preventive examinations aimed at early detection and timely treatment. Such preventive examinations are conducted for several decades in Western countries. Regular preventive medical examination, the urologist can quickly identify the disease and select the most optimal treatment. In most developed countries, a regular visit to the urologist is an element of general culture. In countries practicing this approach, achieved a significant reduction in mortality from diseases of the prostate gland.

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