LG KF750 Secret – An Ecstasy to Hold This ‘Secret!’

Once you grab this phone, you will agree how exciting it is to hold a ‘Secret’ like LG KF750 Secret. This 3G phone opens up as the elegant slide mechanism glides it upwards with the soft touch on button and reveals the secret that it holds. Not only a secret (I mean a single one), quite a horde of secrets that are quite tempting too. And this article is meant to disclose each of them one by one. Quite fashionable enough, the LG Secret initially attracts spectators with elegant touch screen, which is available with black and silver sheen. Enormous QVGA screen is 2.4 inches across and features high resolution display measuring 240 x 320 pixels with viewing capacity of 262,000 colours buy facebook comments.

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This touch-sensitive LG KF750 Secret has also a touch sensitive navigational pad along with touch screen, which is evenly surfaced with the pad. If you have an eye for a style and elegance, you will surely notice and be enticed with the flat surface of the phone to be adorned with faux leather patterning that spans from front to back portion of the phone.

The carbon fiber is chosen for evenly designed structure making LG KF750 Secret compact and robust. The style that this ‘Secret’ holds comes from flawless look and feel. The body structure gets even more sophisticated by showcasing a light reflecting and scratch resistance LCD display and tempered glass. Now you know the secret of the wow factor of the LG Secret and why people go gaga about its appeal of flawless texture and technology. Plus, the phone has collected accolades for being sturdy yet having a slick structure.

The 2.4 inches of screen of this phone allow people taking full advantage of its 3G and HSDPA features in browsing Internet. Along with Internet browsing, such immense and high resolution display also augments photographing capability of the phone. The camera has 5 mega pixels camera with as high as 2592×1944 plus auto focus, horizontal and vertical viewing mode and additional plus points include face detection, camera settings and photo album. It has a secondary camera for shooting video images. It has a VGA camera allowing users to record video at high speed of 120 frames per second with the accuracy to catch every single moment or detail like those when you are catching burst of a balloon and explosion of sparklers from it. Its DivX® Video Recording assures crystal clarity while video recording and produces DVD quality video too. Its Accelerometer Sensor helps rotating images automatically as per viewing.

The LG KF750 Secret has its own unique and hidden style of fetching myriad media including music player and FM radio, images, documents, M Toy games at the single and soft touch of finger. Voila! Apart from those M Toy games, you can play Java(TM) games, embedded games and downloaded games through this mobile. Just a mere touch on this device and you will have access to rich visual effects of multimedia including motion sensor equipped games, music player to play several formats of songs from MP3s, AACs, WMAs, FM radio with RDS data feeds. You can also set your favourite songs as MP3 tones along with melodious polyphonic ringtones.

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