How To Hire A Personal Trainer

When you decide to hire a personal trainer, you will find that there is a lot of us to choose from! It might seem a little overwhelming at first. Every trainer has different strengths and specialties. It’s important to find the right trainer for you and your goals.

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1. Determine where you want to work out.

If you work out at a gym or you plan to, you may want to find a personal trainer that works there. If you like the idea of working out at home, outdoors or in your condo gym then the Internet is a great place to find home trainers. This step is important because a gym trainer can’t go to your house and a home trainer (for the most part) can’t go to your gym.

2. Find out if the personal trainer you want to hire is certified.

Certifications are important. It means the trainer has demonstrated that they know their stuff, through a written and practical examination. It also means that they are required to take courses and attend workshops every year, to maintain their certifications and to keep their knowledge up to date. If you hire an uncertified trainer and get hurt, there might be nothing you could (legally) do about it. Just because you work out at a gym, doesn’t mean the trainers are certified. In fact, most are not. Don’t assume, always ask to see it!

3. Has the trainer achieved similar goals to you? Have they successfully trained people for the goals you want to reach?

I’ve never thought that picking a trainer based on their body type was a smart idea. You could hire a bodybuilder hoping to achieve that physique, but they could have put on those muscles by taking steroids. You never know, so don’t judge a book by its cover! It’s more important to choose a successful trainer with know-how and testimonials than a trainer that looks the way you want to look. It’s awesome if your trainer has gone through what you want to achieve. If you want to lose weight then a trainer that has also lost weight is a great option. It’s an amazing thing to have a personal trainer that understands you, because they have been there themselves.

4. Talk to the trainer

The assessment session is a chance to get to know your trainer and to get a feel for their workout style. You are never obligated to continue if it doesn’t seem like a good match. It helps to compile a list of questions before the assessment and to have a good idea of what you want out of your training sessions, before the appointment. The more specific you are and the more information you can provide, the better the personal trainer can help you reach your goals. Get a feel for their personality. Warning signs of a bad or inexperienced trainer would be pushy, unsure of themselves and late or unreliable.

5. Does the trainer know his/her stuff?

A great trainer likes to be asked fitness questions to demonstrate their knowledge. A responsible trainer will admit when they don’t know the answer you your question. Instead of bluffing and giving you the wrong information. Then the trainer will make it their mission to find the answer for you. Fire off all of your fitness questions!

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