Android Party: The Vivo V21E vs the Competition

The Vivo V21E is the most advanced smartphone available from the manufacturer that features cutting-edge technology in its user interface and other applications Vivo V21e . Connectivity features on this smartphone include GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, micro USB, micro SD, TFT LCD, and 10-point digital navigation bar. Other accessories available with the Vivo V 21E include a Gorilla Glass screen protectors, Gorilla Glass power protector, a keyboard dock, capacitive Android buttons, capacitive Windows keys, a front-facing speaker, front-mounted QWERTY keyboard, a 3.2-inch Super AMOLED capacitive display, a five-megapixel camera with image editing software, and an infrared LED flashlight. Other accessories include a mobile car kit, a mobile phone data cable, a mobile phone headset, a high-definition camera, and a data card. The Vivo V 21E also has an enhanced interface that supports MMS and OTT applications.

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For the ultimate in user experience, the Vivo V 21E comes with a mobile application store called Orfishou, which gives users the ability to access different services, utilities, games, and social media platforms from their smartphones. Orfishou has similar features to the Suedex or Yahoo! Messenger for Windows mobile phones, such as allowing people to chat while still in the process of using their smartphones.

With a large QWERTY keyboard and a large, high-contrast display, users can navigate through the Orfishou interface without difficulty. Users can also take advantage of the built-in dictionary and the SOWR ( Siddhi Wheel) to help them search for synonyms for particular words. There are four customizable ringtones available for this phone, including one for each of the primary colors. There are also unique ringtones for each of the five modes, although users may end up disliking some of them since they tend to use the same songs. The default ringtone for this handset is “iglobe.” Users may change the default to something else, should they wish to.

The Vivo 21E has a two-megapixel primary camera and a two-megapixel rear camera setup. While there is no flashiest camera in this group, users can increase the resolution of their photos using software such as Kodak EASYSHARE II or Fujifilm XS. Other software options include HTC Desire Connect and TriLte Vigorito. When shooting in the outdoors, users can set the rear camera setup to a variety of modes, including portrait mode, landscape mode, and self-shot mode.

One of the major differences between the Vivo v 21E and its predecessors is that it does not have an image stabilization system. This is a minor annoyance; however, one that could be very problematic for users taking selfies. However, the lack of stabilization could be easily remedied with the use of an external camera, or by purchasing one of the Flip Ultra HD+ series. It is also worth mentioning that this front camera lacks optical zoom, which makes it more difficult to upload shots to Facebook.

On the other hand, the Vivo v 21E does not include such a feature, so users may want to buy a Flip or another camera with optical zoom. The battery life on this handset is not nearly as long as the competition, however it does manage to last for a full day and does so while using significantly less power. Overall, this is an excellent smartphone with many good points.

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