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So you’re wondering if you can make some extra money playing online poker. Well, fortunately it’s not as hard as you’d think. Many people think poker is all about luck, but that’s not the case. There’s a reason that you see the same people at the final tables of the WSOP every year. There’s a reason the same pro players are winning consistently. It’s not at all about luck. They did their homework, they practiced, and they followed a game plan.

Making money with online poker is different than normal poker. The strategies and methods you use are unique to the online world. With online poker, you lose the ability to read players, but you also gain some important advantages  Poker88. For instance, bonuses and freerolls give you the opportunity to make money without risking any of your own. Lets dive deeper into each.

Freerolls are very difficult to win, but they are a great opportunity to make some money with no risk to yourself. Most poker sites offer almost constant freerolls, but many are not worth playing. Look for cash freerolls with a small limit on the number of players. It’s not efficient use of your time to fight off thousands of players just to win a few dollars. You also can sign up with more than one poker site to take advantage of multiple freeroll schedules. Many times, if you make a deposit, you will be given frequent invitations to lucrative freerolls.

Nearly all poker sites offer first deposit bonuses and incentives to continue playing. This is basically free money, so take advantage. Also note that you only have one chance to cash in on the first deposit bonus, so make your first deposit as large as possible. Most sites offer over 100% bonus cash on your first deposit, but it must be unlocked by playing real money hands. Some sites also will give you an instant 10% bonus that you can play with right away. Make deposits at multiple sites to take full advantage.

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