How to Raise Kittens

Whether you are adopting a new kitten as a pet or your pet cat is waiting to give birth to kittens, the feeling you have can be a mixture of excitement and anxiety F6 savannah kittens for sale . On one hand, raising kittens can be fun and enjoyable, but on the other hand, it may not be as easy as it sounds without prior knowledge of how to take care of them. Being a responsible owner, you should at the very least acquire the basic knowledge of how to raise kittens so that they can grow up healthily.

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You are not an expert so it is difficult for you to tell when exactly your cat is giving birth, so chances are your feline would already be nursing her newborn kittens before you even realized that it has given birth. Move your cat and the newborn kittens to somewhere quieter and cleaner as the old den would have become dirty. Hygiene is important for the kittens. Make sure you give your cat and the kittens a darkened den by covering a cloth over the box as mother cats like darker place to nurse their kittens. On top of that, provide them with a very clean bedding to make the den as comfortable as possible so as the mother cat can take good care of its kittens.

Your pet cat will be accompanying its kittens for the first week as they are still greatly in need of warmth and milk, so there are actually less time for them to socialize. When it comes to the second week only will their need for warmth start to reduce. And it is during this time that the mother cat will begin to leave its kittens for a longer time. You may take a look into the den and if you see the kittens huddle together and sleeping soundly, don’t be alarmed for they are just trying to keep themselves warm.

Like babies, kittens spent a lot of time slumbering, so don’t worry if you see them sleeping too much. Keep an eye on them for these two weeks as their immune systems have not fully developed yet. A kitten which is constantly crying might required your attention immediately. The crying kittens may either be hungry or sick. Consult your vet at once if necessary because sickness and extreme hunger can be life threatening.

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